Connect 4.0

New Generation Experience

A simple installation and a powerful web interface create the best combination to access to all crane data.

A gateway GPS reads all data and send them to the cloud to store in a protected and organized way all crane analytics from crane sensors and electronics, allowing for:
• Improved control of your business
• A faster and optimized support

AMCO VEBA CONNECT 4.0 is a complement to your Amco Veba New Generation that ensures the growth of your business in an easy, powerful way.

• Manage and mantain your crane with high efficiency
• Obtain remote support: focused, quick and efficient

Improve your efficiency with an easy remote crane management

All-in-one solution
Connect 4.0
includes the gateway GPS (installed on the crane in factory or available as retrofit kit, SIM card with 5 years contract and full access to data on cloud portal (available from all devices)

Real time management
From smartphone, table or from other devices connected to internet, the web portal is showing in real time crane functionality and data. Verify crane parameters and sensor functionalities, analyse alarms and warning.

Remote firmware upgrade
Receive last firmware release from factory with last improvements from remote and without waste of time or delay.
This means that your crane will always be updated with improvements that we are constantly releasing as a result of the feedback received from the market.