602T(1.2 tm class)

Amco Veba’s 600T series for light vehicles is the well known compact telescopic Amco Veba range.

Thanks to the light weigh, small installations space and wide accessories available, the 600T series represent the perfect solution for several applications on trucks, trailers and pick ups. It allows to perform any kind of loading and unloading activity with maximum flexibility.

All our users in the entire world appreciate this range since many years.

602T(1.2 tm class)

  • Lifting moment: 1.27 tm
  • Max. vert. reach: 3.0 m
  • Slewing angle: 335º
  • Slewing time: 10 s/180º
  • Max. working heel: 3º
  • Working pressure: 180 bar
  • Crane w/o stab.: 145 kg
  • Oil tank capacity: 17.5 l
  • Oil flow: 5 l/min
  • Dim. : 620x1241x430 mm
  • Sug. truck: min. GVW 2 ton


  • Load Limiting Device (CE)
  • Control panel with customized position
  • Controls guard panel by ABS
  • Worm screw slewing – Independent telescopic cylinders
  • Hexagonal section extensions
  • Fittings SAE-JIC
  • Design in accordance with DIN15018 – EN12999
  • Fatigue test classification: B3


  • Manual extensions
  • Turning stabilizers
  • Manually opening stabilizers
  • Oil tank
  • Electro-hydraulic powerpack


602T(1.2 tm class) VERSIONS