815T(14.3 tm class)

Line of telescopic cranes, made to satisfy customers in need of a crane which is compact, light and easy to operate.

  • Compact
  • Light
  • Easy to operate

815T(14.3 tm class)

  • Lifting moment: 14.3 tm
  • Max. vert. reach: 10.05 m
  • Max. reach. lift. cap.: 2285 kg
  • Slewing angle: 380º
  • Weight: 1800 kg
  • Dim.: 2500x2490x4780 mm


  • Sliding pads on telescopic extensions
  • Self-lubricating bushings
  • JIC fittings
  • Load limiting device (CE)
  • Hexagonal section extensions
  • Independent extension cylinders
  • Flanged valves
  • Assembly kit included
  • Oil tank
  • Supplementary elements activation
  • Designed in accordance with: EN12999-DIN15018
  • Amco Veba Power System (AVPS) (only 811T-818T)
  • Sprint Generation System (SGS) (only 816T-818T)
  • Fatigue test classification: B3
  • Swivel outrigger foot
  • Light indicator for correct stabilizer stowing (CE)
  • Mechanical rotation limitation (CE)
  • Dual-side controls (Not with radio remote control)
  • Turning stabilizer legs
  • Plastic cover on the control station (CE) (only 811T-818T)
  • Proportional inclination sensor on boom (CE)
  • Proportional pressure transducer on main cylinder (CE)
  • Sensor for correct stowing of the crane (CE)
  • 90% 100% light visible from all around the crane (CE)


  • Load limiting device
  • Turning stabilizers
  • Outriggers with hydraulic extension
  • Supplementary elements activation
  • Winch
  • Mechanical booms
  • Top seat
  • Operator Full Protection
    (Not with radio remote control)
  • Radio Remote control
  • Additional cross beams
  • Addition cross beams
    with stability control devices (CE)


815T(14.3 tm class) VERSIONS