Amco Veba at the IFBA exhibition in Germany

Amco Veba took part in IFBA, an International exhibition specialized in car recovery and towing in Kassel, northern Hesse, Germany

The exhibition IFBA in Kassel enjoys increasing popularity at home and abroad. Our Dutch dealer was the protagonist of the event with a truck mounted-crane specific for car recovery and found great interest from the visitors.

The Amco Veba’s crane model 828 4S in exposition, 28 tm class, max lifting capacity 5350 kg at 4.5 m is equipped with radio remote control Hetronic to allows the operator’s control during the loading and unloading car recovery operations.

Amco Veba’s dealers take advantage of the wide range of models, and the possibility to fit them with or without remote control. On all models, they can choose several accessories to enhance their functionality.

The IFBA in Kassel took place from Thursday 07 June to Saturday 09 June 2018.


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