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Key features


A simple installation and a powerful web interface create the best combination to access to all crane data. A gateway GPS reads all data and send them to the cloud to store in a protected and organized way all crane analytics from crane sensors and electronics, allowing for:

  • Improved control of your business
  • A faster and optimized support AMCO VEBA CONNECT 4.0 is a complement to your Amco Veba New Generation that ensures the growth of your business in an easy, powerful way Manage and mantain your crane with high efficiency
  • Obtain remote support: focused, quick and efficient

Operator comfort

The ergonomic knob developed by the Amco Veba technical staff makes it more comfortable to work with the crane: an ergonomic shape reduce operator stress when using the crane for extended periods of time. The texture and bevels allows to the user a better grip touching the knob without gloves. If the operator works with gloves, the knobs are large and separated enough from each other to avoid mistakes during operation.



Allows for a longer outreach with a very heavy load, with the highest precision. AVPS is available for cranes in hydraulic and electronic version.



The SDD system is designed to reduce the oscillations and assure a perfect control of the motions: the result for the user is an incredible precision in unloading operations.



EBB allows for precise monitoring of the crane’s condition whilst simultaneously recording the time and working life of the crane. The Electronic Black Box is a powerful brain that monitors the pressure inside the main cylinders and other safety crane parameters. The status of the crane is reported to the operator through a clear display integrated on the control station.

EBB also shows when a maintenance operation is required and shows a code related to the problem component thanks to the complete display.

EBB memorizes every lifting operation made with the crane and any maintenance and settings made by the authorized workshop; it also controls any possible optional accessories mounted on the crane ensuring safe operation for accessories such as the winch, jib, grab and rotator.



Allows for more extension speed of the cylinders but also for the highest possible safety through the use of a specially-designed counterbalance valve. Thanks to SGS, the more extensions the crane has, the more time it will save.



The regular maintenance is a very important step in prolonging the life of the crane. Amco Veba cranes are designed to allow for a easy and quick maintenance. Centralized greasing makes this easier to accomplish and allows for maintenance operations to be completed in less time. A crane that is maintained regularly and carefully will last longer. Proper maintenance also contributes to reducing down time and increasing reliability. Our mission is easier maintenance for long life cranes and increasing reliability.



Pivoting stabilizer feet correct the imperfections in the ground surface, ensuring better stability, safety and longer cylinder life. The system, based on a sphere attached to the stabilizer rod, allows rotation of the stabilizer foot around two axes. The force generated by the contact between the plate and the ground acts directly on the rod in a vertical direction, avoiding side moment on the rod and consequently reducing the risk of bending the stabilizer rod.

To ensure a long life of the system, the sphere is protected from corrosion using a Nikrom coating treatment and is greased by a specific greasing point.



Many models are equipped with a specially studied boom linkage system. This gives the cranes versatility in many applications and in all the working positions.

  • Constant lifting capacity in all positions: the double linkage joins the articulation cylinder to the boom. Its design raises the mechanical advantage of the articulation, to provide consistent force through all working angles.
  • Negative boom angle: another features of our double linkage articulation is negative angle, which produces the most versatile crane structure available. The crane is able to work more effectively in unusual positions. A crane with negative angle is more flexible for use in confined spaces or low overhead spaces.

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