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Warranty Terms & Conditions


1. H.C.E. s.r.l provides warranty for defects in product material and workmanship in accordance with the terms and conditions of the H.C.E. s.r.l Warranty Conditions (“Standard warranty”) or H.C.E. s.r.l Extended Warranty Conditions (“Extended warranty”) which are available at www.hyva.com/it-it/warranty/standard-warranty-terms-and-conditions and https://www.hyva.com/it-it/hyva-warranty/extended-warranty-terms-and-conditions/, respectively.

2. Standard warranty period is twelve (12) months from the date of first use of the product. Extended warranty is applicable only if explicitly indicated and only to certain products and is one (1) year (or 1.000 hours of operation) from the date of first use for all operations requiring grabs, forks, manipulators or other accessories generating pushing forces on the ground or truck body, five (5) years (or 5.000 hours of operation) on structural parts and three (3) years (or 3.000 hours of operation) on all other parts.

3. Manufacturer's warranty terms shall apply for the third-party products sold by H.C.E. s.r.l.

4. Warranty is strictly limited to repair of the defect or replacement of the defective part or, at H.C.E. s.r.l’s discretion, replacement of the product itself. To the extent permitted by law, H.C.E. s.r.l explicitly rejects any liability for costs of product fitting and removal, vehicle or product downtime, replacement costs, transport or import costs, loss of earnings or profit, any damages caused by H.C.E. s.r.l products and/or excessive or unreasonable labor costs.

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