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New next generation cranes

60 tm family added to Amco Veba’s next generation cranes

Lifting beyond horizons

Amco Veba has added a 60tm family of cranes to its NEW GENERATION Line. Like other cranes in this Line, the 60tm family delivers cutting edge innovations which improve operator efficiency and safety, while increasing productivity.

These include:

> Dynamic Load Diagram – which provides advance verification of crane lifting capacity based on truck stability.

> Magic Touch – which allows automatic folding and unfolding to transport and working positions.

> Operator Auto Detection – which automatically activates the operator’s closest stabiliser, avoiding the need for operator contact.

> Auto Levelling System – which automatically keeps the truck frame in a horizontal position, enabling best crane performance.

> Front Stabilizer control – which allows possible load in the front area, avoiding stress and overload of the truck frame.

> Compact Installation Kit – which guides the hoses through a different route, allowing a more compact installation of the crane on the truck.

The rewards for the customer are higher payloads and faster operation. These cranes, which are the strong, light and compact, and have the best lifting capacity currently available in this segment of the market, will further strengthen Amco Veba’s position in truck-mounted cranes.

The Amco Veba 60tm family of Heavy Cranes comprises 2 models and a wide range of accessories and options to fit all the applications and markets demand:

> VR60NG – Standard Lifting Control System

> VR66NG – Proportional Lifting Control System – Lifting capacity 10% greater than

Standard features include: Double Linkage, Negative angle, Up to 8 Extensions, Endless Slewing, Multifunction Radio Remote Control.

The NEW GENERATION cranes are produced in a dedicated crane assembly line in Italy, developed according to the best-in-class manufacturing principles in terms of quality and efficiency. All Amco Veba cranes are designed in accordance with EN12999 and are ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management certified.

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